For the ones who requested cum on feet

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For the ones who requested ass + feet

Someone requested a pic of my feet in heels.

Anonymous said: Hey, nice blog, you oviously know what guys like ;) i'm not here to say anything rude, just to say keep up the good work:D

 Thank you

Anonymous said: Last night i dream about a food Job from you*-*

A food job? XD Thank you

jstgt2bme said: Wow... Pretty feet ;) Gorgeous big toe!! I'd smell your feet any day sunshine! ,)

Thank you :)

partyboi42 said: bae can i get some pics of ur beautiful feet nd some pics of u naked

I will post more of my feet. No nude pics sorry.

Anonymous said: That black nail polish super hot!! More of that toe ring is cute and the anklet

Thank you i will post more soon

feetfiends said: just followed,and they look amazing in black polish,thats my fav color on a girls toes,what size are you btw?

Size 3 UK Size 5 USA

hungyoungstud14-deactivated2014 said: my god, your soles are amazing, it would give my life meaning just having the chance to lick the filth from the soles of your shoes

Thank you! ;)

wikidclown666 said: Could u do a pic with Ur panties wrapped round Ur beautiful feet

Workin on it :)

sextusiast said: Black polish is my weakness, don't hide those toes babe!!

Thank you

sexythingsifound said: hey, what made you start posting your feet? (they're gorgeous, btw)

My boyfriend liked them much, and i decided to try to create the blog

babylonerotic said: Beautiful sexy feet, gorgeous! 🔥 🔥 🔥 I'll bet they feel great. Ass & feet are already my favorite. Although, love your Park pictures too. ;)

Thank you